Sunday, December 14, 2008

Where the mild things are...

Ok, so I'm new to this blogging caper, so I thought I'd just get the awkward first date questions out of the way first:

Age? 24.
Born? Dubai.
Schooled? Melbourne, Australia, until 4 months ago.
Likes? Back To The Future movies, Banksy art, and The Phantom comics.
Dislikes? Avocado, Zombies, and Barbara Streisand movies.

So why am I starting up this site? Well, I just moved home to Dubai after a long stint overseas, and wanted a way to keep track of my life as I settle back into a town that seems to change every time I wake up.

I also wanted a place to show people stuff that I think is cool from all over the internet. I'm always sending my mates links to stuff that I find interesting, so I thought why not just bring it all together in the one spot. So The Sandman Files is just going to be a bit about myself, and a bit about Dubai, and a bit about cool stuff that people are doing all over the world.

So I hope you all like it. Feel free to send me emails, and leave comments, and I'll promise to write back (it makes me feel popular). I'll be posting quite regularly, so subscribe to the RSS feed if you know how, and ask a friendly nerd to help you if you don't.

Ok, so let's get started...