Saturday, June 27, 2009

Beatles Rock Band Intro

Just saw this and had to post it. It's the intro for The Beatles version of the Rock Band videogame. The whole thing was put together by the guys and girls at Passion Pictures and Harmonix. I love the seamless transition between 2D and 3D. Awesome stuff. Enjoy:

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Image Dump 14/100th Post!

Some villagers constructed a monument to my 100th post

Hey everyone, so here's the image dump I've been promising for the last couple of days. Plus this post is a bit of a milestone, it being my 100th post here on The Sandman Files.

It's been fun doing this blog, and I'll keep it up at least for the next few months. I can't be sure that I'll make it to 200 posts, but only time will tell I guess. I just wanted to say thanks for reading along, no matter how long you've been visiting the site.

I'll definitely be updating my twitter account as usual, so if you find the blog postings get a bit scarce, check up on me over there.

And if you've got any feedback or requests of what you'd like to see on the blog in the future, just leave them in the comments, or send me an email, at

Thanks everyone!

(This last one is for @sharjah on twitter)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Street Art in Tehran

Found this great post over on the bad banana blog yesterday. Just some examples of some of the cool street artworks that have been seen in Tehran over the past few weeks. There's more over here.

Also, if you're on twitter, I highly suggest you follow the author of the bad banana blog, Tim Seidell. You can find his account here. Here are some examples of his tweets:

Anyway, check out his blog for more great stuff. That is all.

I'll be back later today with an image dump...

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Mixed Bag

I just thought I'd quickly post up some of the stuff I've been looking at over the past few days. Firstly, here's a track from Mos Def's new album 'The Ecstatic'. The track is called 'Supermagic', and it's the opening track on the album. I'm so glad that the album is great, Mos has always been one of my favourite musicians. I'd really encourage everyone to check it out:

Second, here are some shots from Dina Goldstein's 'Fallen Princesses' project. These have been posted on a few different sites, so you might have seen them by now, but I thought you all might enjoy them. Dina has taken princesses from Disney movies and put them in real life, real depressing situations:

And lastly, I'm sure everyone is seeing how Twitter is involved in the current developments over in Iran. I've posted about Iran's nation of bloggers before, but it's just stunning to see how social networks are circumventing the mainstream media, and getting the world to take notice of what is going on. For live updates on major stories, check out The Huffington Post, and read this great article on the different ways that the mainstream media and social networks have responded to the crisis here.

I'll probably post an image dump later today, so stay tuned for that as well...

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Don't call it a comeback

So, obviously I haven't written on this blog in ages. Call it laziness, call it lack of inspiration, call it being busy with other things, the reasons are many and varied. Mostly it was the laziness thing though.

I just thought I'd put up some stuff to let everyone know that myself and the blog are still alive. If you feel like you're not getting enough of my luminous personality, follow me on Twitter, here. You know you want to. I mean, where else can you find out what I had for breakfast? Nowhere, that's where.

So here's two videos that I'm posting for different reasons. The first is a music video created by one of my favourite illustrators McBess. The music isn't that great, but the video itself is stunning.

And the second video is from musician Wavves. This guy makes really lo-fi stuff that shreds your ears a bit, but still manages to sound great. The video itself is pretty rubbish, so it's essentially the opposite of the McBess video above.

So, enjoy the music, and follow me on Twitter. I'll probably post something again tomorrow, but then again, maybe not. (I'm trying to build suspense. I doubt it's working.)