Thursday, December 18, 2008

Speaking in tongues

Saw this nice piece of work by Peter Fuss, over on the Wooster Collective's site:

It got me thinking about
an article I read in the paper on the weekend, which said that expats in Dubai are less likely to learn Arabic while they're living here than expats in Beijing are likely to learn Mandarin. I know so many expats whose grasp of Arabic starts and finishes with "Habibi". Call me naive, but I think this whole Dubai thing would work a lot better if some of the expats gave Arabic classes a shot.

Speaking of nice pieces of work, this little sign that David Shrigley gets two thumbs up:

Remember yesterday when I said that Ryan North was a genius? Well Dave Shrigley fits squarely into that category as well. In fact, maybe I'll start a list on the side of this site that lists all the people I think are geniuses (genii?) Check out his site, I got stuck on there for like 2 hours once.

Lastly, here are two little character studies, the first from the guys (and girls, I'm sure) at The Royal Art Lodge, and the second from this site, which I found through FFFFound. Enjoy:

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