Monday, December 15, 2008

Howling at the moon

I was at a friend's BBQ on Friday night, and noticed that everyone seemed to be acting slightly strangely. Not in any particularly weird way, but people seemed more animated than usual.

So then I woke up the next day, and see this, that Friday night's moon was the brightest in 15 years. This got me thinking about something my old boss told me, that the reason why we're so affected by the moon, is that our bodies are 80% water. The moon affects our bodies in the same way it affects the tides on earth.

Which is all just a reason for me to post this:

(Click on the image, or here, to see the trailer)

I love how when Michael J. Fox turns into a werewolf, everyone is totally cool with it, and all the cheerleaders want to hang out with him. Also, being a werewolf automatically turns you into an awesome breakdancer apparently. I think I speak for everyone when I say that there is a giant Michael J. Fox hole in modern cinema.

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