Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Pop will eat itself

Ok, so back to product design. I recently saw this awesome Flickr set (the set's name is 'autophagy', clearly someone went to Biology class) that is collecting examples of anthropomorphic characters that are essentially showing how delicious a product is, by eating it themselves. The weird thing is, that the product in this case, is themselves. Here are some examples:

Ok so the Bugs Bunny one at the end isn't technically eating himself, but it's majorly creepy nonetheless. Does a smiley-faced chip-box character make you want to eat what appears to be a box full of brains? Maybe. It's just kind of creepy that these characters are so happily offering themselves up to be eaten..

Another strange phenomenon that people often find on some food packages is what is now called the Droste Effect. It's essentially a picture on the pack, which features the package itself.
Here's the original example, and another one that I found after a brief search:

It's kind of like an infinite regress, but with baking powder.

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