Sunday, January 18, 2009

Graniph pop-up store

Last Thursday I was invited to the opening of the Graniph pop-up store at Traffic Gallery in Al Barsha. Traffic itself is a great space, and they're often hosting design and art exhibitions. They've always got great chairs and wall clocks etc, except everything costs like 8k a piece.

For those of you who aren't familiar with Graniph, it's a Japan-based t-shirt and clothing brand. They sell a lot of stuff from their online store; I've bought a few pieces from them myself in the past. Apparently they're opening a store at Festival City in the near future. Here are some examples of the sort of stuff that they do:

The store itself wasn't bad, but it wasn't anything spectacular. I saw one or two t-shirts that I would have considered buying, but it was more of an opening evening with people from the press etc, so I thought I'd wait before I bought anything. Each t-shirt is 125dhs, but you can get two for 200dhs and three for 300dhs etc.

So overall, I'd say check it out, but don't expect a huge range or anything too mindblowing. It's good to have a new streetwear store in Dubai though. I think everyone pretty much agrees that the range of options for t-shirts and interesting independent streetwear labels over here in Dubai is severely lacking. Call me crazy, but Pull & Bear and Giordano isn't exactly my cup of tea. We need more places to buy brands like American Apparel, APC, Comme des Garcons, Perks & Mini, Ksubi etc.

For a so-called shopping destination, Dubai really is lacking in some areas.

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