Monday, January 19, 2009

Obama art and inauguration

So at 9pm tonight, Dubai time, President-elect Obama will become President Obama, the 44th President of the USA. Whatever your political views, people will certainly be asking "Where were you when Obama was sworn in?" in a few years.

Shepherd Fairey has once more put his hand to some designs to celebrate the occasion, and is putting on an exhibition titled "Manifest Hope" at a Washington D.C. gallery. Here's a great video that I found over on Hypebeast, where Fairey talks about the creation of his iconic "Hope" poster:

It's amazing how much great art Obama has inspired so far. Fubiz has a small sample of some of the collected works that have been based around Obama's campaign and personality, some pieces being better than others:

So, tonight at 9pm. Should be fascinating stuff..

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