Saturday, January 17, 2009

More great movie posters

Another young designer/illustrator who is doing great work with movies posters is a guy by the name of Tyler Stout. I've just finished watching Larry Bishop's Hell Ride, and apart from Michael Madsen's performance, the whole film was forgettable. If only the movie was as good as the cover art on the DVD case:

Tyler Stout has such an individual style that as soon as you see some of his work, you know immediately who it belongs to. He has put his hand to several other movie posters, and they're uniformly great:

It also helps that he's got great taste in the movies that he re-interprets, so his designs really jump of the page.

But seriously, that Hell Ride movie was really bad. The dialogue was actually laughable in places, and not even a lazy cameo from Dennis Hopper could save this one. I'm watching Body of Lies at the moment, waiting for the scenes they shot in Dubai. It's pretty interesting so far..


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