Saturday, February 14, 2009

Great Wave versions

In my image dump last week I posted this re-interpretation of Hokusai's Great Wave Off Kanagawa (click for a larger version):

Here's the original:

A reader called Ben emailed me this version of the artwork:

This next one was done by the ridiculously-talented pair Kozyndan, and keeps up the great work they've been doing that incorporates rabbits:

And this last one was done on a much larger scale, in a Japanese rice paddy field:

That this amazing image has inspired so many re-interpretations and re-imaginings is really quite incredible. The image itself is quite small in real life apparently, but the effect it has had on illustration and art is immeasurable.

Anyone else know of some other cool versions of the Great Wave? Leave a comment if you do...

UPDATE: Found some more:

I'll probably keep posting more versions as I find them, so keep checking back...

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