Thursday, May 7, 2009

In Praise Of Marc Johns

Lately I've been seeing a fair bit of the work of Marc Johns around some of the design and visual arts blogs. Marc's work reminds me of some of the stuff done by the guys in the Royal Art Lodge collective. Marc has this really cool skill of merging naive imagery and style, with a pretty oddball sense of humour, which is great.

Marc is definitely my kind of illustrator, by which I mean he keeps things simple, while maintaining a skewed view of the world. It also helps that his stuff is tinged with this melancholy humour that is a really nice touch.

If you like Marc's stuff, you can check out his website, see more of his work on Flickr (if it's not blocked in your country), follow him on Twitter, or buy his book, which definitely looks like something I'm going to pick up next time I'm at Kinokuniya (if they have it).

I could seriously look at Marc's work all day. In fact, I think I might do that

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