Friday, April 3, 2009

Nigo's Camouflage 300SL Merc

I have to say, I really hate this. Nigo, the creator of famous Japanese streetwear brand Bape (or Bathing Ape) has purchased a 1955 Mercedes 300SL with gullwing doors, and 'refurbished' it. He's put a new Mercedes AMG engine under the hood, and refit the brakes, wheels and electrical systems. That's all cool, I have no problem with that. I'd probably do the same thing if I had as much money as Nigo does. My problem lies with what he's done to the outside of the car. As you can see, he's plastered the famous Bape logo all over the car, in a camouflage pattern.

In my opinion, the 300SL is one of most beautiful cars in the world. And this is just branding of the worst kind. I mean, look at the picture below. It's stunning even just in its standard Mercedes grey.

Anyway, rant over. I guess when people have more money than they know what to do with, they're going to do stupid stuff like this.

If you want to read more, check out Highsnobiety, or Nigo's blog on Honeyee, if you can read Japanese...


  1. If you did your howework right you would know that the camo colourway was just a wrap for the 3 year anniversary of BAPE. The real paintjob hasn't been shown yet..

  2. Fair enough, if you say it's just a wrap, that's cool, I should have checked more thoroughly.
    It still doesn't change the fact that he's made one of the most beautiful cars of all time hideous.